About Shay & Ivy

Shay & Ivy, written by Sheena McFeely and illustrated by Casie Trace, is a children’s book series that made its debut in May 2015. The first book will be in hardcover, 28 pages, and written for children ages 3-8. In addition, we have Shay & Ivy Beyond the Kingdom eBook available now in the iPad, Kindle, and Nook bookstores.

Shay & Ivy hopes to release an app incorporating American Sign Language (ASL) that is visual and interactive sometimes in the near future. The app will allow your children to get deeper into the story, while learning a new language that uses both visual and tactile senses.

The first book is about Shay & Ivy and their friends, at an imaginary ball in their bedroom, dreaming of being princesses. They all dreamt of riding horses, owning closets full of gowns, and dancing in royal castles. All girls, but Shay felt out of place. How was she to royally fit in if she did not want to be a princess anymore?

Determined as ever, Shay was going to find the answer. Shay & Ivy soon find out that their dreams go beyond a kingdom. The sisters began to visualize themselves as fearless pilots riding planes, scientists owning labs to perform experiments, and astronauts dancing among the stars. Join Shay & Ivy in discovering what’s like to be more princesses.  You can learn more about Shay & Ivy, the characters here. Plus, you can familiarize yourself with the sisters’ parents who will make brief appearances in the story here.